What HR Automation Means for the Human Resources World


    In the world of Human Resources, you’re probably bogged down with a slew of responsibilities: paperwork, training, hiring, firing, payroll, and regulatory compliance between employees. Your world, unfortunately, largely consists of manual tasks and work, and as a result, it is slow. You may find yourself limited when trying to reach your department’s full potential due to iterative, manual tasks that don’t bring in revenue or  provide actual value to your business. This can make any budgeting or additional resources for HR difficult – it may even feel like no one’s on your side.

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    Don’t let HR be a drag. Let’s explore some ways you can enlist automation tools to help solve the setbacks brought on – and perpetuated – by manual tasks:

    The Amenities of HR Automation

    HR Automation eliminates the need to do things you’d otherwise have to do by hand. Filling out paperwork and entering line items, one by one? Gone. Checking your inbox repeatedly (and maybe obsessively)? Say goodbye. Notifying your manager that something’s done and needs to be approved? No longer an issue.

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    An automated system means:

    • More done in less time: Recurring tasks, such as payroll, take a long time to do every week, especially with PTO, taxes, and any other garnishments to consider. Free up your HR staff to do more in less time, and you’ll start seeing the results.
    • Profitability: Getting more done faster means you’ll be more profitable as a business. This also allows staff to focus more time on training new hires and setting them up for success. 
    • Minimized human error: With less spreadsheet entry and paper pushing, you won’t have to worry about a wrong number or misspelling from someone’s name going through. Being able to scan documents and have software pull the information means it’s automatically indexed, without the filing and stress.
    • Access for everyone: If employees need to submit requests for PTO or sign new hire documents, they can get to where they need, without the hassle. Signing digitally makes processing more convenient than ever. This also makes processing updated W-4s, tax forms, and health insurance that much easier. 

    What This Means for HR

    For many industries – and HR especially – automation eliminates the need for dusty file cabinets and storage rooms. The system enables work and doesn’t inhibit progress; it secures sensitive employee data and legal issues. You’ll be free from the confinement of manila envelopes and paper forever.

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    HR automation provides an open window to facilitate communication and improve the quality of work you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. You’re able to accurately capture, store, and secure incoming information that circulates in an organized and controlled way.

    This is especially true for onboarding, when new hires are required to fill out a plethora of documentation and sign non-compete agreements, non-disclosures, tax forms, and more. Simplifying this process means HR staff can use this time to train instead of spending it on onboarding, which is tedious in and of itself for everyone. Adding employees to software, authorizing them with IT, getting their email booted up, all of that can be automated, and the time cut down considerably with automation technology.

    As we’ve mentioned, HR automation helps simplify tasks such as:

    • Employee hiring and training
    • Onboarding
    • Payroll
    • Employee benefits, such as 401(k) and health insurance
    • Tax documentation
    • Document storing, organizing, and filing
    • Securing sensitive information
    • Storing data, such as photos and all file types

    Are you ready to simplify your workplace, and make it easier to get the important things done in HR? A lot’s riding on hiring, training, and everything that comes after.

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