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Accounting Process Best Practices: Three-Way Match

By | on 15, Jan 2020 |   Accounting robotic process automation

Using the right accounts payable procedures is an essential component to a business’ success. Take an honest look at your current practices and identify areas to target for improvement to increase you[...]

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5 New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Workplace in 2020

By | on 06, Jan 2020 |   Workflow Automation Document Management System Millennial Takeover Millennial Workforce robotic process automation workflow automation software Document Management Solution millennial-friendly Agile millennial business process automation

It's hard to believe it's already 2020! As the new year begins, are you wondering what you might see in the coming year? How can you work towards improving your workplace? What kinds of new technologi[...]

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4 Ways to Impress Your Boss with Process Automation

By | on 18, Nov 2019 |   Accounting robotic process automation

Who doesn’t want to impress the boss? Any opportunity to stand out as a unique snowflake, apart from the crowd, is one you should always seize – provided you aren’t negatively affecting others. The ho[...]

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Life After Enterprise Automation – 6 Exciting Breakthroughs Your Team Will Experience

By | on 04, Oct 2019 |   Document Management Software robotic process automation enterprise workflow automation enterprise content management

So you’ve decided to make some changes in your office. You’ve invested in something called Enterprise Workflow Automation (which combines tools like Document Management Software and Robotic Process Au[...]

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10 Signs That Your Company Can't Support Growth

By | on 18, Jul 2019 |   Document Management Software Document Management Document Management System robotic process automation Paperless Office ocr software business process automation point solution business analytics

The goal of any business is to grow – to increase revenue and profits, all while keeping your customers and your employees happy. This is the definition of business success!

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6 Ways RPA Can Help Your Medical Practice Be Error-Free

By | on 31, May 2019 |   Document Management Document Management System OCR robotic process automation web forms healthcare automation ocr software optical character recognition healthcare industry

Did you know that 86% of mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative? Imagine what kind of results a simple clerical error can have. Maybe a patient is billed incorrectly. Or, worse ye[...]

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Company Spotlight: Delivering AP Automation to Ovation Fertility

By | on 10, May 2019 |   Accounting Automation OCR Process Automation robotic process automation RPA enterprise automation enterprise automation platform AP Automation

When Ovation Fertility, a collection of independently-thinking IVF and genetics labs, went looking for help with their AP process issues, DocuPhase rose to the challenge, delivering an accounting auto[...]

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Using Workflow Software to Overcome Government Budget Cuts

By | on 04, Jan 2019 |   Document Management robotic process automation Workflow Software enterprise automation platform best automation tools rpa software

If you work within a government-funded organization, you know how rigid the budget can be. When budget cuts come down from the top – whether that’s the federal government, your state, or elsewhere – y[...]

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5 Things to Know Before Heading to Phoenix for Summit 2018

By | on 11, Oct 2018 |   Accounting Automation OCR Process Automation robotic process automation RPA enterprise automation enterprise automation platform AP Automation

As active members of the Microsoft GPUG community, the DocuPhase team is getting amped up for the community’s biggest event of the year, Summit 2018.

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