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    How CFOs Can Save Money by Going Paperless

    October 18, 2017


    When the topic of going paperless is raised during meetings, it sometimes can elicit feelings of dread from people who have previously had bad experiences with ineffective systems. But don’t fear—the benefits of “going paperless” are ever improving and increasing and are now being adopted by organizations of all sizes across numerous industries.

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    The Rise of Paperless Practice Adoption in Manufacturing

    August 04, 2015

    The work that goes into manufacturing even the simplest of products is a mystery to most people.

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    Digitizing the Invoice Approval Process to Turn AP into a Profit Center

    July 30, 2015

    No one likes to scrounge around for spare change, but we’ve all been there. Another quarter to bump your order up to a venti. A few more pennies and you won’t have to break out the card.

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    From Procurement to Payment, Creating an AP Automation Process Your Top Execs Want

    July 23, 2015

    Executive strategy meetings, boardroom presentations and quarterly investor calls aren’t always on the “looking forward to” list for top-level management. These front line execs bear an incredible burden for making the kinds of decisions that can greatly impact employee performance, revenue, financial markets and more.  That said, a green light for building an AP automation system isn’t given...

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    Toss the Manila Folder: The Real Cost of Inefficient Paper Processes

    July 16, 2015

    Visit Starbucks for a caramel macchiato and it will cost you somewhere between $3 and $5 – without a tip. But as an interesting Yahoo! story pointed out, the habit of picking up that cup of Joe can cost spenders well beyond the original amount. In one year, a missed opportunity to invest those dollars elsewhere can cost a coffee-drinker as much a car. And in 30 years? They’re walking away from...

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    Improve Customer Service and Reduce Paper with Document Management Technology

    July 09, 2015

    Ever anticipate paying full price at the register only to be informed the item is on sale? Ever reached into a cereal box and pull out two prizes instead of one? Making future-proof business decisions isn’t easy. The end-goal is finding at least the one prize you expect. The obvious prize for investing in document management technology is a reduction in paper and associated costs. A plus you...

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    Overcoming the Burden and Limitations of Paper Documents

    June 03, 2015

    We have long relied on paper documents to understand the world before our time. Cultures, world events, even our own family lineages can be understood and examined as if they were happening right in front of us because of the ability to record ideas, events and entire world histories.

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    4 Ways Workflow Solutions Help Healthcare Companies Store and Retrieve Data

    May 28, 2015

    As of February 2015, there were 784,626 healthcare providers in United States.* That’s a lot of tongue depressors and cotton swabs – not to mention all the paperwork! From pharmaceutical inventory and lead lists, to patient records and vital signs, there’s an enormous amount of data walking through and within those doors. Healthcare providers, much like other industry operators, struggle to...

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    Electronic Work Instruction Can Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

    May 26, 2015

    The pace and complexity of today’s manufacturing processes make Henry Ford’s automobile factory floor looks like child’s play. While today’s production metrics are measured in milliseconds, his assembly workers lined up and waited on a crude system of ropes and winches to pull the next Model-T across the line. Ford’s operation certainly wouldn’t win any awards for efficiency compared to...

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    Reducing Paper Statements Can Save Banks a Bundle Annually

    April 16, 2015

    Of all the benefits that digital technology can offer, an uncluttered lifestyle tops the list. Instead of amassing record collections or stacks of CDs, we download hundred-song playlists to a pocket-sized digital device. Roomfuls of patient records, student data and entire libraries can now be accessed quickly and securely in just a few clicks. Not only is digital information saving enormous...

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