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4 Industries Where Document Management Helps with Compliance & Audits

November 17, 2017

If you’re reading this article, it’s pretty safe to assume that you have concerns about compliance and audits. Maybe that means you’re an accountant or an HR professional, or perhaps you work in one of the industries discussed below. Whatever the case may be, audits can be a real threat to your daily productivity, and you must remain vigilant and be prepared for them at any time.

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Swimming in Savings: 4 Industries That Are Benefiting from Diving into Process Automation

November 28, 2016

Process automation has provided significant cost savings to thousands of companies worldwide. It’s a fact. Still, a recent study shows that only about 9% of AP professionals would classify their operations as highly automated. What about your company? When you hear other people discuss process automation, do you wonder how your organization’s processes could ever change? When I speak with...

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An Informed Shopper’s Guide to Selecting Document Management Software

November 22, 2016

In 2017, more companies than ever will be making strides to create a paperless workplace. This is a worthwhile pursuit for many reasons, including environmental awareness. However, there are other things to be considered when selecting document management software, including your bottom line, your employees’ morale and comfort, and the security of the documents being stored.

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5 Ways Innovative Workflows Reduce Banking Errors

July 01, 2015

Mistakes happen. It’s a fact of life. We’ve even created language around our ability to own and wave off mistakes like “it happens to the best of us,” “it’s all good,” and “no worries.” But it doesn’t work that way when banks make mistakes. Instead, you get PR disasters and dire news like the following recent headlines:

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How to Solve Your Biggest Process Challenges With Automation

June 24, 2015

Beginning a business on Day 1 with the perfect process in place is an impossible task. Though best practice approaches can provide a good framework, processes are often defined and redefined by trial and error, the passing of time and the introduction of new business theory and technologies. As you have experienced or can imagine, things can get a little messy in terms of manually constructed...

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4 Ways Workflow Solutions Help Healthcare Companies Store and Retrieve Data

May 28, 2015

As of February 2015, there were 784,626 healthcare providers in United States.* That’s a lot of tongue depressors and cotton swabs – not to mention all the paperwork! From pharmaceutical inventory and lead lists, to patient records and vital signs, there’s an enormous amount of data walking through and within those doors. Healthcare providers, much like other industry operators, struggle to...

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4 Ways That Workflow Automation Saves Financial Firms Time and Money

May 19, 2015

No one has an eye on money more than those in the financial industry, regardless of whether they're an executive or someone who plays a supporting role. Watch insurance rates flip direction or the Dow drop ten points, and the industry is suddenly abuzz with adjustment.

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How Insurers Use Technology to Mitigate Compliance Risk

May 07, 2015

Within the insurance world, the term “risk” gets thrown around daily. In fact, the industry itself is comprised of a complicated web of professionals with titles like risk manager and risk analyst. It's their job to financially protect people, businesses and property against loss, but insurers must also mitigate an entirely different risk from within their own organization. These risks have...

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10 Tips to Improve Your Accounting Department

February 04, 2015

Whether we like it or not, the accounting department, controller position, and even the CFO are aspects of the business environment that won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Enforcing Compliance with Automated Processes

September 19, 2014


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