Summit 2017 – Our Team’s Top Takeaways


    It seems like just last week our team was frolicking around the streets of Nashville, TN at GPUG Summit 2017. Oh wait, it was just last week!

    Now that we’re back and have unpacked and debriefed, we want to share our top takeaways from the event. If you missed out on Summit this year (or even if you went!), check out our list of the top things we learned:

    The Community Is Growing

    If you were at Summit, you probably noticed there was a visible difference between last year’s crowd and this year’s crowd. It wasn’t just your imagination. In fact, our team overheard that there were 6,600 attendees at this year’s event! There were hundreds of vendor booths. In one of the sessions our team attended, nearly 80% of the group identified themselves as first-time attendees. What does all of this add up to? The community is growing, and there’s new blood flowing through it each year.

    You Can Find Whatever You Need

    What do you think most people go to Summit for? Is it to shop for a new Accounting Automation solution, to learn more about their current software, to network with other people in their industry? There’s no right answer. It’s all of the above, and more! The event is so huge that you can pretty much find whatever you’re looking for, whether that’s GP training, Document Management software, or an Enterprise Automation solution.

    It’s Important to Build Relationships Outside the Dynamics Community

    Our team made all different kinds of connections in Nashville, and they weren’t limited to the Dynamics community. Sure, it was exciting to meet people who work with GP and the other systems every day, and to hear about their experiences, but it was also valuable to make other connections outside of Dynamics. Other attendees were networking to seek out employment opportunities, friendships, and more.

    Finding the Best Sessions Is Easier Than You Think

    If you saw the agenda for the event, you might have felt overwhelmed that there were so many sessions! Even after narrowing down the options based on your industry or job function, there were still dozens left to choose from. So how were you supposed to find the sessions with the best info and the most valuable crowd participation?

    It’s simple – go with your gut instinct. If you see a title that looks funny or interesting, you’re not the only one who had that reaction. Our team found that the sessions with the catchiest titles and descriptions drew that largest crowds and therefore had the most audience input and networking potential. Our advice is to go to the sessions that sounds the most interesting and fun.

    There Are Educational Opportunities for All Stages/Levels

    Not looking to buy anything or to make major changes just yet? That’s fine! Whether you’re on a fact-finding mission, a networking endeavor, or a budget-spending adventure, there are plenty of educational opportunities for you at Summit. You can go observe the competition, learn best practices within your industry, or get involved at many different levels. It’s all up to you!

    Go Big or Go Home

    This was our third year attending Summit, and each year, the event gets bigger. And we’re not just talking about attendance. As more competing vendors are showing up each time, the booths are getting more high tech, and the swag is getting better. This year, vendors were giving away food, refreshments, t-shirts, and more. No one left the event empty handed. We even saw musicians performing, which shouldn’t have been surprising. After all, what’s Nashville without music?!

    There was so much to see, learn, and do at Summit this year, and we know next year won’t disappoint. We hope to see you in Phoenix next year for GPUG Summit 2018! In the meantime, subscribe to our blog to stay connected and to receive industry updates straight to your inbox.

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