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DocuPhase’s blog provides valuable insight into how your company can benefit from implementing automation & document management into existing processes.

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The Complete Guide to AP Audits

By | on 21, Jan 2020 |   Accounting Accounting Automation workflow auotmation Document Management Solutions

Accounts payable audits can seem overwhelming or a complete pain. They're often assumed to take up a substantial amount of time and resources as an auditor goes through the paperwork and tracks the ne[...]

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Accounting Process Best Practices: Three-Way Match

By | on 15, Jan 2020 |   Accounting robotic process automation

Using the right accounts payable procedures is an essential component to a business’ success. Take an honest look at your current practices and identify areas to target for improvement to increase you[...]

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5 New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Workplace in 2020

By | on 06, Jan 2020 |   Workflow Automation Document Management System Millennial Takeover Millennial Workforce robotic process automation workflow automation software Document Management Solution millennial-friendly business technology trends agile millennial business process automation

It's hard to believe it's already 2020! As the new year begins, are you wondering what you might see in the coming year? How can you work towards improving your workplace? What kinds of new technologi[...]

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4 Ways to Impress Your Boss with Process Automation

By | on 18, Nov 2019 |   Accounting robotic process automation

Who doesn’t want to impress the boss? Any opportunity to stand out as a unique snowflake, apart from the crowd, is one you should always seize – provided you aren’t negatively affecting others. The ho[...]

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Tips for Having a Successful Accounting Year-End

By | on 15, Nov 2019 |   Accounting Automation Accounts Payable Automation Document Management

The air is getting colder, the leaves are falling, and plants are covered in a thin layer of frost: the year is ending, and there's nothing to be done about it. For most people, this means the start o[...]

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Automating New Vendor Setup while Maintaining Internal Controls

By | on 15, Nov 2019 |   Accounting Automation System Integration vendor management system approval process what is internal control vendor payments ERP system integration vendor management vendor application form Accounting Internal Controls

Worldwide, more and more accounting tasks are becoming automated. While this can reduce processing time and increase accuracy for your organization, it can also leave you vulnerable if you’re not care[...]

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Automate Your AP Process to Improve Auditability

By | on 04, Nov 2019 |   Accounting Automation Accounts Payable Automation Document Management

Regardless of the size of your organization or how you structure your accounts payable department (a team, a bookkeeper or an individual company owner), these two guiding principles for establishing s[...]

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Increase Productivity Without Increasing Headcount

By | on 23, Oct 2019 |   Accounting Automation digital transformation

Staying competitive in the age of digital transformation means doing more with less. Your organization may not have the available budget for new hires to cover business growth, or you may be dealing w[...]

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Zero-day Vulnerabilities: What They Are and How They Work

By | on 17, Oct 2019 |   Data Security

As we at DocuPhase take the appropriate steps to protect ourselves from the current highly talked about zero-day vulnerabilities (Internet Explorer and iTunes Zero-day exploit), it reminded us that no[...]

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