3 Reasons for Process Automation in Your Company's Hiring Process


    We've all been there – the grueling and unnecessarily involved onboarding process. With so many forms and linear workflows involved in the onboarding process, we've started to wonder why companies wouldn't want to automate parts of it.

    For those on the fence, here are six reasons why you should automate your company's hiring process and HR department with process automation software.

    Automated Alerts

    Easily one of the most noticeable features after a successful implementation, automated alerts from a workflow automation solution via email, mobile, or other methods are convenient and cause immediate workload simplification. By alerting employees of work that has been submitted or completed by either other employees or by clients through a portal, it's easy to see how this moves simple and repetitive tasks along, leaving the hiring managers free to focus on choosing the best candidates.

    Boost Shared Accountability

    With automation, the points in the hiring process that were formally accountable to a single individual – whether the prospective employee or a member of HR – could cause strife and tension in the department and cause a poor first impression on new hires.

    By implementing a system that objectively conducts checks and balances on all partners, what was formerly "nagging" behavior or considered annoying by members of both parties, is now friendly and convenient. Taking blame-placing out of any process is important, but when building a new employee-employer relationship, it is explicitly necessary. This places the accountability on every involved user, as well as on the business rules themselves.

    Reduce Errors and Mistakes

    Have you ever filled out forms for a company or a new membership, and realized after having all the paperwork processed you misspelled your street name, or some other insignificant change? The approval process on submissions that are automated can help include necessary checks for content accuracy by human hands and eyes.

    Automating a process doesn't mean removing the human intelligence from the system, it simply adds layers of security and accuracy to the work that is being performed in the organization.

    These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg for what automating HR will do for a company at large. Reach out to one of our process professionals to learn more.

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