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    HR departments are widely known for having too much work and not enough qualified people to do the work. It's also a common misconception that the HR department derives little value and instead is costly to the business.

    So, you may be asking yourself (as many of us are in this day and age), how can I enlist software to overcome these common problems with management, HR, and costs? Document management software is a direct antidote to the time-consuming tasks of HR – i.e. evolving technology roadblocks, recurring data entry in multiple systems, paperwork, and even hiring/retaining productive workers to get the job done.

    By leveraging software, you can eliminate common problems and bring considerable value to your organization by freeing up HR's time for higher-level tasks. Let's explore how that can be accomplished:


    As we mentioned before, there are lots of bottlenecks in HR departments, many that consist of time-consuming tasks that eat up the work day over and over again. The root of the problem lies in numerous projects that require manual or duplicate data entry, or simple, iterative processes that are much better off automated.

    Wouldn't it be nice not to have to compile paper forms every single time there's a new hire, for example?

    At the end of the day, HR document management software is all about improving processes and making the daily grind of HR easier and more manageable. 

    Here's the rundown of how it's done with a Document Management System:

    • Electronic forms allow you to collect and share information for employees internally with one click
    • Software integrates with ubiquitous business applications like SAP and Oracle, so there's no need for duplicate entries
    • Robotic Workflow Automation automatically delivers all the necessary paperwork (W-4, I-9, NDA, etc.) to new hires to catalyze the process of getting them started
    • Ongoing workflows can be established for annual reviews and promotions, so no employee gets left behind
    • Task routing enlists workflow automation – designed by decision-makers – to ensure all common HR processes follow the same framework
    • Security operates through permission-based access, so there's no risk of prying employee eyes where they don't belong

    Paper shuffling and lost documents rob valuable time from HR, but as you've gathered, it doesn't have to be that way any longer. With document management, you have access to a digital library where everything you need is only a quick search away. No thumbing through manila envelopes or sending an email to find out where Becky put the emergency contact information; it's all right there, indexed and all. 


    Let's take some concrete problems from HR departments and explain how document management solves them (and then some):

    Problem: Hiring and retaining talent
    Solution: One of the hardest tasks often routed to HR is hiring and retaining workers. Turnover can cause a riptide of problems, as training new employees takes time away from the all-star talent on your team, and paperwork climbs and climbs as a result. One of the biggest incentives to keep employees (especially millennials) is the opportunity for more challenging work, and the chance for more responsibility. 

    With workflow automation, all of the core housekeeping tasks are accounted for; you just need to monitor and review the documents that are going through. Not only does this make the internal review process better, but it also gives your HR team more time to focus on higher-level tasks and work that's fulfilling and valuable for the organization. Keep in mind, not all incentives need to be financial – with software, you can keep your employees' satisfaction and ongoing growth top-of-mind.

    Problem: Constantly evolving technology
    Solution: Between payroll and other computer-based technology implementations, it's hard to decide what will work best in your organization. You need a software solution that will integrate well with other common applications, has a quick training period for employees, and has a painless implementation process – not to mention one that will show a substantial return on investment (ROI). 

    Document management often shows ROI in less than 12 months for businesses, not to mention that updates are automatic and don't require on-premise hardware or equipment. While the software is particularly helpful for HR for onboarding purposes and other iterative processes, document management is relevant for everyone, since it makes finding the right invoice or employee information seamless. With a reputable vendor, you'll never have to worry about the downtime or a considerable gap in understanding when you upgrade the software, either! Many have learning libraries and other opportunities for continuing education to help you make the most out of your software package. 


    Are you ready to solve all of your organization's constant problems and bottlenecks? It's time to take back your time, and enhance your employees' collective happiness. Get a customized demo or feel free to watch our most recent webinar on a document management buyer's guide here! 

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