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CLEARWATER, FL – JANUARY 30, 2017 – Today, DocuPhase announced the release of the latest version of their signature document management and workflow automation software. Since the release of DocuPhase Version 6.0 in July of 2015, the Clearwater-based software company has been gathering feedback and working on the development of Version 6.1. Initial development goals for the release included cross-browser support and an increase in ease of use; however, since the outset, the list of new features has grown substantially.

The most recent version will include many enhancements, both in user interface functionality and in back-end performance. “The best new feature of the release is the viewer. We no longer have a separate install, and the fully annotative viewer works on any modern browser. Our development team loves to make things easier for our customers, and these improvements will assist administrators deploying our product and allow users to use the browser of their choice,” says Shanna Dulong, Director of Product Management. The user experience will now include an updated viewer, a work item history map, more relevant help menus, annotation defaults, new upload features, and a viewer console.

HTML5 Viewer

Previous versions of the DocuPhase product performed best when run using the Internet Explorer web browser. Version 6.1 uses an HTML5 viewer, which includes new features and is compatible with most modern web browsers. The most notable change related to the viewer is that it eliminates the previous requirement of a separate desktop install for each user. The new viewer will also offer reorganized functionality, including two separate toolbars for View and Annotations.

Work Item History Map

In Version 6.1, DocuPhase users will be able to view any work item’s history. Each work item history map will show the item’s progression through the workflow, providing the user with a broader picture of where the item came from and what steps it has gone through before reaching his or her work queue. This will cut down on additional research time by providing decision makers with a more holistic view of the process. Further, users of the workflow software will see improved work item performance, specifically in the transition time when viewing work items within the queue.

Context-Sensitive Help

While DocuPhase has offered searchable help menus for many years, new in Version 6.1 is a context-sensitive help window. Once the help window has been opened, its content will adjust according to the page a user is currently viewing within the platform. As the user moves to new screens, the help window’s content will dynamically change, always providing relevant information.

Annotation Defaults

User feedback prompted DocuPhase to enhance the annotations options for the new release. Existing annotations within the platform included shapes, lines, arrows, notes, and text boxes. Previously, there was little consistency in the color, font, and size of annotations, due to the ability of users to change settings upon creating an annotation. In Version 6.1, users are now able to set annotation defaults per application, creating consistency within virtual filing cabinets.


Another user-requested enhancement presented in Version 6.1 is the user’s ability to upload documents from an email account, using the DocuPhase interface. After providing the required email credentials, a user is able to browse his or her inbox and select documents or attachments to upload, index, and submit to the document management system. Additionally, from within the Capture menu, users are now able to drag & drop documents from their email or desktop into the application of their choice.

Viewer Console

On the performance side, DocuPhase 6.1 users will see changes in document performance due to a change in caching behavior. Documents that were previously cached on the local workstation are now being cached on the server. Server-side caching will now be monitored through the new Viewer Console, which can be found within the DocuPhase user interface. From here, statuses and settings can be viewed.

Corresponding with the launch of this upgrade, a sunset date has been set for Version 5.1, meaning that this previous release will no longer be supported by the DocuPhase technical support team. Users of Version 5.1 (and prior versions) are strongly encouraged to contact DocuPhase for a free upgrade assessment.


As the most current release, DocuPhase 6.1 will be implemented for all new clients going forward. Existing clients may upgrade to Version 6.1 for a fee that is variable, depending on their current version and terms of use. Free upgrade assessments are being provided by the DocuPhase support team. Interested parties can sign up for a free upgrade assessment at


Driving innovation with information, DocuPhase is a complete browser-based platform that includes four core components–Enterprise Workflow Automation, Document Management, Electronic Forms, and Capture Recognition—that deliver unmatched efficiency and unparalleled performance to companies around the world. By transforming and automating core business processes and promoting continuous improvement, DocuPhase has helped clients consistently gain more from existing systems throughout their company, while maintaining the competitive edge in both price and functionality.


A leader in Enterprise Automation software, DocuPhase delivers document management, workflow automation, and capture tools designed to help your enterprise stay organized and meet evolving technology and business needs.

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