Lean In! We're About to Reveal Our Team's Favorite Things About DocuPhase 6.1


    In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the valuable things that DocuPhase can do—things that save you time, things that save you money, and things that allow your business to grow. Over the past year, the development team at DocuPhase has been working on improving our platform, mostly based on user feedback, along with some other ideas that were hatched internally. These improvements will be included in the launch of DocuPhase 6.1, which will become available at the end of January 2017.

    Of the changes that will be available in the new release, there are some favorites among the DocuPhase crew. These are the things that we just can’t stop talking about because we’re so excited about how they’re going to improve the work lives of our users. Today we’re going to take a look at our favorite things about the new release.

    Context-Sensitive Help – The 6.1 help menu is going to be more useful than ever. Why? Because it dynamically updates to provide you with context-sensitive information according to the page that you’re on within DocuPhase! That means that if you’re trying to figure out Group Permissions, and you open up Help, you’re going to see content on Group Permissions. The same goes for any other screen within the interface. This will help you answer your questions faster, and it will eliminate the time wasted navigating through unrelated help menus.

    Upload – Within the capture tab, you’ll now be able to upload documents by dragging and dropping them from the desktop. Also, after giving your email credentials once, you’ll be able to navigate your email inbox (through the DocuPhase interface) and select emails and attachments to upload. This is the kind of intuitive functionality that sets DocuPhase apart from other platforms on the market.

    Annotations – In previous versions, DocuPhase users were able to make various annotations on documents, but there wasn’t a way to maintain consistency within an application. Now, in DocuPhase 6.1, annotation defaults can be set for each application, helping to maintain consistency within your organization.

    Work Item History Map – In the past, Progression users were able to view work items and follow the provided instructions to complete a task. In the future, Progression users will have a more holistic view of each work item. Our new Work Item History Map will provide background information on each work item, showing which workflow steps it has been through before reaching the user’s work queue. Those of you who were spending extra time researching the history of your work items will be happy with the time savings this new development will provide.

    HTML5 Viewer – We’ve saved the best for last! We’re thrilled to be rolling out DocuPhase 6.1 with a new HTML5 viewer, which is compatible with most modern web browsers and does not require a separate install for each user. The new viewer will make DocuPhase more accessible to users, and it will also offer reorganized functionality, including two separate toolbars for View and Annotations.

    If you want to learn more about the new release, you can contact your Sales Rep. To sign up for a free Upgrade Assessment with a member of our Support team, visit https://docuphase.com/upgrade. We hope you’ll be as thrilled with DocuPhase 6.1 as we are.

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