We’re only about a week away from this year’s GPUG Amplify event! I’m excited to be meeting back up with Dynamics users, ISVs, and speakers as the conference approaches, as well as presenting our sessions. But, most of all, I’m ready for that beautiful southern California weather!

    If you’re unfamiliar with traveling to Anaheim, it’s famous for the Disneyland Resort, which is only a 5 minute drive from the conference’s hotel.

    For the smoothest experience, I’ve compiled some travel tips for your journey around both Anaheim and the event:

    Uber or use public transportation

    There are tons of sporting, art, and other events going on in Anaheim during the conference, so take advantage of that! Of course, you don’t want to be bogged down with navigating unfamiliar streets, or risk getting lost. While Uberis always a great option in any metropolitan city, if there’s a group of employees or conference attendees going somewhere offsite, consider a shuttle or charter service which can fit a large amount of people in one go! Visit Anaheim is offering a promo code CVB4 for convention groups for the shuttle, so jump on it now if you can! If you’re wanting to travel in a smaller group,Anaheim’s public transportation is fantastic, and you can get around easily with Metrolink and Amtrak.

    Check the weather!

    Although south Cali is famous for its temperate and non-rainy weather, it never hurts to be prepared – just in case. You can look at the 7 day forecast from Anaheim’s travel website, and continually monitor in case of any changes. As of right now, it’s looking to be in the 70s-80s. As a Floridian, I recommend any shorts or sandals you may have, as they’ll come in handy (just make sure they’re comfortable for lots of walking)! Also be mindful of what the locals call the “devil winds,” more aptly known as the Santa Ana winds – as they can usher in dry, hot weather winds.

    Be aware of city events for traffic

    There are tons of city-wide events happening around the convention, which can affect traffic (especially rush hour). Don’t get caught in a bad jam and miss out on an important session or event. Be prepared! Even though this is a ways from Los Angeles, traffic can still get pretty dicey. Give yourself an extra half hour as a rule of thumb when relying on another driver/service.

    Hopefully this is helpful for your upcoming trip to Anaheim! For all those Amplify attendees out there, I look forward to seeing you there and enjoying all the great sessions and interactive discussions!


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