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DocuPhase’s “Business Process Automation” blog will provide valuable insight into how your company can benefit from implementing document management and workflow automation into existing processes.

Swimming in Savings: 4 Industries That Are Benefiting from Diving into Process Automation

November 28, 2016

Process automation has provided significant cost savings to thousands of companies worldwide. It’s a fact. Still, a recent study shows that only about 9% of AP professionals would classify their operations as highly automated. What about your company? When you hear other people discuss process automation, do you wonder how your organization’s processes could ever change? When I speak with...

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Is Your Accounting Department Outdated? Get Robotic Accounting Automation

September 01, 2016

One of the most common ways that companies get bogged down by their own weight is through poor accounting and financial management. In a survey conducted by in May of 2013, nearly 200 finance executives in the U.S. were asked a series of questions to better understand the current state of finance departments around the country.

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Accounting Problems Solved by Process Automation

June 28, 2016

If your Accounts Payable department is still relying on manual processes, kick off that rock you’ve been living under.

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One Less Thing to Do

June 01, 2016

If you could have one less thing to do each day, imagine how much time you could save by the end of the year. Now multiply that by all of the people in your organization.

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Messy Desks Don't Matter

May 27, 2016

Do you or someone you know have a messy desk? Is it a place where work goes to get lost, fall through the cracks or create delays for others in your organization?

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OCR Software for Automated Data Entry

May 05, 2016

Manual data entry is costing your business.

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Reduce Invoice Processing Time with Automation

May 04, 2016

Manual invoice processing has its disadvantages. It’s time consuming, unclear, and hard to control. The number of invoices processed per employee is extremely low due to the hands-on tasks, and you’re in the dark as to where invoices are in the process. But still, an overwhelming number of companies suffer through traditional invoice processing procedures.

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How to Keep Audit Fees at a Minimum and Increase Record Compliance

November 11, 2015

There's a big scary word in the accounting world that usually results in allocating resources and lost time - audit.

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How Small Businesses Get Paid Faster with Invoice Automation

August 14, 2015

Small businesses often get the short end of the stick compared to their big business counterparts. What they don’t have in bargaining power and influence they make up for in agility, but being better able to duck and dodge amidst shifting economies, new technologies and endless industry stop-and-go doesn’t pay the bills. And getting paid on invoices – quickly and reliably – is key to every...

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Digitizing the Invoice Approval Process to Turn AP into a Profit Center

July 30, 2015

No one likes to scrounge around for spare change, but we’ve all been there. Another quarter to bump your order up to a venti. A few more pennies and you won’t have to break out the card.

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