Seamless Integration Is Knocking - It Wants to Help You Go Paperless


    You’ve heard that voice in your head – the one that says “there must be a better way to do this.” Just because shuffling paperwork has worked up until now, that doesn’t mean you should let the inefficiency and frustration continue. That voice you’re hearing isn’t Jiminy Cricket; it’s seamless integration, and it’s telling you there’s a better way for a reason.

    The idea to go paperless isn’t just environmental (although that’s an important factor). It also comes from the meat and potatoes of effective day-to-day operations. Having access to all the documents you need to get the job done can make you more productive than ever, by as much as 90% or more!

    Rather than just tell you about seamless integration, we’re going to show you the astounding results of going paperless, and what integration means for your business – now and in the future.

    Benefits of a Paperless Initiative

    Let’s face it, a large percentage of the paper we consume is either lost, thrown away, or disposed of without fulfilling its necessary purpose (this is especially true in the United States, where 30% of the world’s paper is consumed).

    The Facts:

    • The average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year
    • Discarded paper accounts for around 35% of municipal solid waste by weight
    • About 18 million acres of forest is lost each year due to paper – that’s the equivalent of 20 football fields per minute
    • It costs about $250 to recreate a lost document
    • On average, the United States spends $460 billion in salaries to manage overloaded paper information and data

    The Benefits:

    • 59% of businesses get a full return on investment by going paperless in less than a year
    • Conservatively, document management can return about $20-40 for every dollar invested
    • If the U.S. cut paper use by 10%, CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would decrease by 1.6 million tons – the equivalent to taking 280,000 cars off the road for an entire year
    • Freeing up room and space in your office can reduce onsite storage costs (or better yet, it can make room for more employees!)
    • Time is saved when you have instant document retrieval, as opposed to sifting through file cabinets or folders to find a specific document

    The bottom line is this: document management is a no-brainer for businesses. You just have to know when it comes a-knocking. There’s no doubt that certain industries make it difficult with compliance and security standards, but even if you can’t fully eliminate your paper intake, you can reduce it dramatically.

    See how Goodwill Industries saves $100,000 a year with document management

    Seamless Integration IS Possible

    Going paperless has a slew of benefits, but seamless integration is one of the most notable. Rather than overhauling your entire system, integration gives you a toolset that works alongside your existing processes, eliminates mishaps, and makes implementation a breeze.

    It’s about transforming your business for every employee and every process.

    Integrating with a document management solution helps to:

    • Increase visibility
    • Establish a defined process
    • Improve the quality of your work
    • Ensure compliance across the board

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