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    Remember the scene in Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets when Harry first enters Ron’s house? He’s mystified at the dish scrubbing itself in the sink; the family’s all accounted for by location from an enchanted meter on the wall; and finally, a scarf is knitting itself as a nice touch (if you’re unversed in Harry Potter, you can check out the scene we’re talking about here at around 24-25 seconds).

    The magic in that scene is exactly what process automation does for businesses and their customers – though, instead of magic, it’s robust technology and software that do the trick. Process automation is all about improving operations while increasing customer satisfaction and quality at the same time.

    Let’s delve into the benefits of customer service process automation, and the ways in which it eliminates common bottlenecks and associated issues:

    Searchability & Visibility

    We spend a lot of time searching for things in the office – 400 hours a year, in fact. From records, invoices, client files, and more, we’re burdened with storing a plethora of data, and oftentimes there isn’t a standardized repository where we can find what we need, when we need it. These papers are spread across file cabinets, workers’ desks, or tucked away in a folder that’s been misplaced.

    If you’re speaking to a customer, and she’s requesting that you find something, every moment you keep her waiting is putting her satisfaction at risk. On that same front, delighting a customer proves difficult when you can’t pull what’s needed for her.

    With process automation, however, there’s no waiting on hold for lost documents (which can cost a business up to $120 in labor to find, by the way). Using a customer portal, you can search for what you need in no time at all – so there’s no discrepancy between what’s being done, and what the next steps are. Problem: solved.

    Better, More Meaningful Communication

    Rather than relying on “Here’s this,” “Please fill out the form,” or “I still need XYZ from you,” as customer interactions, with customer service process automation, emails about the aforementioned happen on their own based on established workflows. That way, you can focus on having meaningful conversations and building a rapport. Leave the mechanics to bots – this gives your team time to foster the human element of business, and develop lasting client relationships.

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    Instead of worrying about a laundry list of tasks, you can step back and not only satisfy your customers, but delight them! Whether it’s over the phone or through email, having attention to detail on what makes your customers happy will pay off in their happiness – and resulted loyalty – to your business.

    A Real-Time Business Process & Workflows

    A client portal provides insights and a real-time look into how things are done on a customer’s end. This includes holdups; if there are any, you’ll immediately know why, and can insert the human element to figure out the root of the problem. No more “It’s on my list,” or “I called them last week and am waiting to hear back,” ever again.

    This, coupled with internal and external workflows, is an efficiency boost because you won’t need to take the time going on a wild goose chase trying to track someone down. Part of the process involves fleshing out robust workflows for every interaction with a client, and inserting the person or people that need to be notified at each step of the process.

    progression workflow 1.png

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    With this portal, you can also see every step of the business process. You’ll be able to:

    • Upload documents
    • Identify pending requests
    • Relay messages quickly in the portal
    • Build on previous message and alerts of next steps

    The best of all, though, is that automation eliminates the need for constant follow-up, which can eat up someone’s day. It also reduces mistakes and shortens training times considerably.

    Work “on” the Business, not “in” it!

    While the closest we’ve gotten to Harry Potter’s magic is a Roomba for self-cleaning houses, we’re well on our way on the technology front! Customer service has higher expectations than ever, so it’s time to align that service with your brand and provide the best service possible.

    Using customer service process automation, you’re able to have an edge over your competitors and to share information securely and efficiently.

    Want to see for yourself? Check out our free 30-minute customized demo, and see how automation can revolutionize your business processes!

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