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    For those who don’t know my consulting practice for the last few years has been dedicated almost exclusively to working with companies ready to go beyond lean tools and take the plunge – formally structuring their organization and management processes around their core value streams. It is a fairly elite group of companies; not for those still wavering in their commitment to lean, but the results are always staggering in scope. As the word gets out about those companies and their results, the level of interest in Value Stream Management is growing a lot faster than I can keep up with. For anyone who doesn't fully grasp the concept, the ATC Value – A Way of Doing Business video explains the idea as well as it can be done.

    To meet the demand for information and knowledge I am working pretty hard to put together a Value Stream Management Conference to be held in Chicago on August 12 and 13. Still quite a few details to work out but I wanted to let everyone who is interested know about it so they can save the dates and start making plans.

    The event is going to be fairly small in order to maximize the personal interaction folks can have with me and with the people from companies well along the path who have indicated a willingness to share their experiences and lessons learned. We are keeping the cost down. I’m not in the event business – just creating a forum for the people with a serious interest to get the information they need.

    The event is not an alternative to the Lean Accounting Summit. Rather it is intended to supplement it. The Lean Accounting Summit tends to focus (naturally) on lean accounting, with some information on broader value stream management. This event is the opposite – a focus on the organizational changes, implementation/transformation issues, and how it fits with strategy, culture. Tools, metrics and supply chain processes, with some information on how Lean Accounting fits in.

    There are really four basic groups of people pulling for information, and the final agenda will include tracks and focused forums for each of them:

    Companies that have been at Value Stream Management for some time seeking peer to peer networking opportunities and discussions about fairly higher level management issues.

    Companies ready to make a change – typically companies with leaders committed to lean who have realized that simply deploying lean tools within the old silos and management processes isn't going to get the results they hoped for when they began the lean journey.

    Consultants whose clients are asking them for information and support for a Value Stream Management transformation, including folks from some of the more advanced MEP programs.

    Anyone with questions can get in touch with me through the CONTACT ME form on my web site and I will gladly work with you to determine whether it is something that can benefit you based on the stage of the lean journey you find yourself.

    You can get more information on the event HERE.

    Note to my existing clients – hang tight and I will get the particulars to you in the next few days!

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