Increase Productivity by 90% (or More) with Document Management Software


    Did you know that over 70% of businesses would fail in less than a month if a catastrophic loss of paper-based records occurred?

    Passing papers has been an eternal workplace struggle, ridden with delays, irritable repeat reminder emails, and sleepless nights. “I love being inefficient,” said no one ever. This is exactly why having a document management software solution that can enlist Bots (or software robots) to do the menial paper pushing work on your behalf is revolutionary – you can keep from pulling out your hair or staring forlornly at your email inbox.

    There’s a remedy to these problems, and it’s document management software. By utilizing software, you have the potential to increase your productivity by over 90% (or more)! You may be wondering HOW exactly this works.

    Well, it’s a simple formula: with a scalable, practical software solution, you increase productivity and reduce the time spent on other, menial tasks. It frees up considerable time for your staff to focus on customers and other high-level work that’s worthy of their attention and effort.

    For every organization, the actual set of Bots varies, but one thing remains universal: with these Bots, you’ll have business-wide automation and a proven return on investment (ROI) – fast.

    The Problem with Paper

    With your current paper processes, you may be thinking, “Everything works fine the way it is – why change it?” Well, we’ve got a bone to pick with paper for many reasons: paper isn’t compliant; it isn’t visible, and it certainly isn’t profitable when lost. Large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds, and each loss costs between $350-$700.

    Not only is the price exorbitant for paper, but there’s also a cost to the environment that should be considered. The United States uses more paper than any other nation in the entire world, and most of these documents become irrelevant within 3 months’ time.

    The workforce has evolved in the last decade, and it continues to do so with technology innovation and efficiency. For example, why use a floppy disc when there are USB drives, or even your smartphone, to transfer and send large amounts of data securely?

    That said, let’s go into some of the benefits of document management software, and how this software can harness the power of ultimate efficiency and ROI in your organization.

    Mind-Blowing Process Automation Workflows & Task Routing

    There are common daily, weekly, and monthly approvals/documents that need processing in all departments of business. Whether it’s in accounting or management, regulating these workflows – and eliminating the question of priority or what happens next – can streamline approvals and increase productivity.  

    With something like Process Workflow Automation (which is part of the DocuPhase suite of services and Bots), your workforce can have a work queue that prioritizes tasks based on the level of criticality, and automatically routes those tasks to the proper person for approval. No more mashing emails or knocking on an office door to push something through.

    Rather than leaving the burden of prioritizing to an employee or management, with Process Workflow Automation, everything’s objectively laid out based on what needs to get done for everyone as a whole. Although intuitive, it takes the guesswork out of daily operations and helps you push through your to-do list with agility and ease.

    Robust Records Management

    Part of the massive pain for documents concerns everyone searching through your system(s) for the right version, or what folder it’s in. We’ve all experienced the frustration involved in an unorganized database – especially if it’s spread between multiple platforms, email addresses, online repositories such as Dropbox and Google Drive – the list goes on forever, and so, too, does the frustration.

    Rather than having you and your workforce waste valuable time tracking important documents down, document management uses a standardized full-text search and auto-indexing feature set that lets you find records quickly – all while being encrypted for maximum security.

    Say Goodbye to Growing Pains

    All companies experience growing pains – it’s a normal part of business. However, it shouldn’t be at the price of your customer service/satisfaction. If you have a work influx, document management is able to handle the uptick – all without you needing to hire extra employees. This allows you to save on costs of hiring, while keeping your processes and workflows intact.


    Our Enterprise Process Workflow Automation Core helped increase productivity at Florida-Based HME Company by 260%, while also allowing patient volume to grow from 150,000 to 500,000 with no added labor required.

    See it for yourself – read the case study here!

    You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for more jobs, and that’s exactly why document management software allows you the flexibility to grow at any time.

    Integrations Galore

    Before you go “Dangit, another tool?” any document management software worth its salt will be able to integrate to your existing systems with no hassle at all. The Virtual Workforce is able to synchronize data points in your systems – CRM, ERP, or otherwise – and the solution will work its magic from there to give you clear analytics.

    DocuPhase’s software can integrate with:

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Microsoft Dynamics SL
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Intuit Quickbooks
    • Oracle
    • Sage
    • SAP
    • NetSuite

    See Results

    We, of course, saved the best part for last – the part where you can see the ROI of the software at work. The software isn’t designed to complicate things or add layers to your existing processes; on the contrary, proper document management is customized to simplify your workplace and make it easier for you to do business. It provides visibility and understanding into what you do every single day, all while ensuring security and compliance.

    Businesses we’ve worked with have tons of incredible stats showcasing their success – from a 93% reduction in invoice processing time to $100,000 in annual savings. Depending on what your business’s needs are, you’ll be able to join them in no time.

    If you like what you read and are interested in getting rid of paper and exploring document management software, we’d love to hear from you. Simply check out our document management software page or feel free to request a demo with us!

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