Healthcare Industry: Here’s How to Add Hours Back into Your Workday.


    When’s the last time you took a sigh of relief at 2PM and said “Well, it’s been swell, friends. I’m done for today!” If you’re in healthcare, the answer is never because the job isn’t ever finished. The to-dos keep coming, and you’re stuck with a never-ending list of tasks that only grows over time. That said, a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day vs. feeling overwhelmed and like you never make a dent in the workload, are 2 very different things.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to add hours back into your day? Come – rewind the hands of time with us as we embark on a journey to save time and get control back in your workday with document management:

    Healthcare Industry Obstacles

    You face a variety of daily hurdles that serve as annoying, fly-buzzing roadblocks to doing your job efficiently. Patient intake, claims processing, financial reporting, purchase requests and orders – all of these are stacked on your shoulders to complete every single day. The mission-critical elements should have your full attention – the other things should not.

    Many times, it’s filing patient records, filling out purchase requests, and searching for files that can eat up time when it doesn’t have to. Your patients are priority over data entry, but it’s the catch 22 that if data isn’t logged properly, it can cause serious liability issues.

    Don’t carry that on your shoulders any longer. We’ve worked with a variety of medical organizations and, with document management, have revolutionized their output and way of doing business forever.

    Here are a few examples:

    A Florida-based HME company saw a 260% increase in productivity and a 330% increase in patient volume – without the need for additional overhead. They also saw a 75% reduction in costs when implementing document management software.
    Read the case study here

    Operation PAR, a provider for integrated addiction and mental health services, saw a 50% increase in turn-around time for mission-critical supplies and an overall improvement in document search capabilities across the board.
    Read the case study here

    A Major Coup for Your Work Day

    You most likely spend a cringe-worthy amount of time (at least a few hours a day) filing and searching for paper records. Why is that? Because paper sucks, and it isn’t efficient. Rather than fighting against the grain, you can get those moments – or even hours – back that you’re losing entrenched in the filing cabinet or searching through folders and trays on your desk.

    Here’s how document management does just that:

    • With powerful auto-index and autocomplete within ScanDox, you can eliminate the large chunks of your day spent entering and re-entering data
    • OCR technology enables automated indexing, so incoming files are organized by vendor, name, or account number (whatever you’d like, really)! Sayonara, manual data entry
    • Comprehensive integration means you don’t have to switch constantly between platforms for this or that; all of your systems talk to each other and update across the board to reflect patient status in real time
    • Process workflow automation makes daily operations standardized and clear, which takes the head scratching out of “How did Amanda do this in the EHR and then log it in our system…?” 

    When there’s an order of operations to what you do, it eliminates confusion and allows your clinical office to gain clarity and visibility into what’s happening. Bridging this wide gap that often exists adds substantial time back in your workday – how about that?

    Reverse the Hands of Time

    You can get hours back in your workday by reducing the time you spend on the minutiae. At the end of the day, your patients and their care is the big ticket item that should be any clinical provider’s number one priority – so don’t get distracted anymore by the paperwork.

    Instead, free yourself from paper, and see the results in a matter of weeks.

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