Will Process Automation Put Humans out of Work?


    Over the past decade, the most innovative workplaces on the planet have been taking advantage of the latest advancements in workflow automation software, a relatively new resource that will continue to develop in the future.

    These companies are on to something! The results of implementing workflow automation software are staggering. Companies that are already on board have seen the following results:

    The more companies that join their ranks, the more difficult it will be for late adopters to compete within their industries. This rise-of-the-machines sensation may evoke the menacing mental images we’ve absorbed through futuristic SciFi films, like the Matrix film series. While this imagined scenario is far from our reality, office workers may still feel some uncertainty about what the future will hold.

    As the use of process/workflow software becomes a standard within many industries, you may find yourself wondering if process automation software will eliminate your job. Or, more simply put…

    Will a machine put me out of work?

    In short, no, a machine will not put you out of work. Think of automation as a personal assistant doing the mundane, repetitive tasks that you previously did. Process/workflow software makes employees more efficient, allowing them the freedom to pursue higher value activities.

    Among companies adopting workflow automation software, the trend we’ve seen is not layoffs or downsizing. It’s quite the opposite. We’ve seen this technology create more jobs than it destroys. When companies deploy workflow automation software, they see significant gains in efficiency, growth, and profitability, resulting in employment growth, not a decline.

    To learn more about workflow automation software, request a free download of Workflow 101, an educational document that teaches the basic principles of automated workflows.

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