The Ultimate Document Management Software Cheat Sheet


    If your company is in the process of considering document management software as a solution, chances are there has already been an initial analysis of the problems in the organization.

    Review probably included findings such as:

    • There have been legal costs associated with lost documents
    • It has taken significant manpower to find documents for litigation purposes
    • Your organization must improve its disaster recovery procedures
    • You have industry or governmental regulations that are required in order to sustain your business within proper compliance
    • Your organizations suffers from process inconsistencies, especially when interdepartmental documents are involved

    These are common concerns and findings that prompt the pursuit of software to manage documents. During your further analysis of available solutions, however, there are several important steps to consider. iDatix has put together this "cheat sheet" of things to remember while comparing solutions.

    Make sure that you are searching for a vendor that can solve your problems, not a vendor that can provide feature X, Y, and Z.

    Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that their self-analysis has provided all of the information needed to determine their exact requirements. A strongly qualified provider will help determine your real business problems. Only after an accurate discovery will they decide which features of their solution can solve your problems.

    What do users, managers, and key stakeholders need the system do?

    Beyond what the software can do, find out what you need it to do. Make the solutions work for you - even with "out-of-the-box" solutions, the ultimate goal should still be the perfect system. If the software does not do what you need it to, it should not be considered a solution.

    What systems are in use that document management will replace/integrate with/support?

    Organizations often view document management as a separate solution from their daily operations - it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of software solutions available that integrate seamlessly with line-of-business systems. Is the goal to replace an outdated, existing document management system? Make sure to dive deep into what made that system fail.

    These three points are key to the selection of software for document management. While the goal is to search for holistic solutions, not exciting features, there are a few crucial capabilities that iDatix has found to be essential to successful document management:

    • Batch scanning capability (e.g. "scan all invoices for November")
    • Mobile application available for remote capture
    • Dynamic cross linking
    • Electronic forms
    • Browser based shared work space

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