Organizations Fail to Adopt Document Management, AIIM Research Finds

    AIIM, the leading community of information and document management professionals, announced this week a release of their new report, “Process Revolution – Moving Your Business from Paper to PCs to Tablets.” The research uncovers the effects of mobile and cloud technologies are driving organizations to adopt process automation solutions.

    DocuPhase, sponsor of the industry watch paper, anticipated this transition; the company built their content management platform over twelve years ago as a web-based system and was the first in the industry to establish ECM mobile support.

    Emerging workplace technology and new ways of doing business are transforming the way that businesses get work done, but it requires a shift in perspective and the ability to adapt. According to the report, the majority of organizations fully realize the benefits the mobile and cloud capabilities have within an organization; the trouble is in adopting the technologies.


    “Adoption of business process and case management software yields great returns with minimal risk, but face the greatest resistance within the enterprise," said Steven Allen, CEO of DocuPhase. "It is a new way of doing things, and most people simply hate change. I still hear prospects say that they dislike reading the screen and want to hold on to the paper; they just need to look in the hands of anyone under 30 to see the future and know that you will get your information and work done on a mobile device.”

    The findings consistently demonstrate that organizations are aware of the value cloud and mobile provide, but are slow to take advantage of it. For example, a large majority of companies recognize the improvements in productivity and customer service that can be gained with the aid of these new tools; respondents suggest that administrative staff (52 percent) and field workers (45 percent) would be a third more productive, and 45 percent state that customer response times would be drastically improved.

    While nearly 70 percent consider mobile functionality to be important in improving their processes, only 24 percent actually have such access to their ECM system.

    Delving further into the topic, the report uncovers the primary reasons that paper is still so prevalent. Nearly half of organizations state that a lack of management initiatives or mandates to reduce paper usage is hindering the move to paperless processes. The need for physical signatures was another top reason for paper usage despite the fact that electronic signatures are commonly accepted and legally binding.

    About DocuPhase
    DocuPhase creates intelligent software and solutions that align people, processes and technology. With deeply integrated Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Dynamic Case Management solutions from DocuPhase, organizations such as Lockheed-Martin, AG First, and Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital have met their business objectives by streamlining their processes and simplifying their workplace.

    About AIIM
    AIIM has been an advocate and supporter of information professionals for nearly 70 years. The association’s mission is to ensure that information professionals understand the current and future challenges of managing information assets in an era of social, mobile, cloud and big data. Founded in 1943, AIIM builds on a strong heritage of research and member service. Today, AIIM is a global, non-profit organization that provides independent research, education and certification programs to information professionals. AIIM represents the entire information management community, with programs and content for practitioners, technology suppliers, integrators and consultants.

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