Most Common Problems in Businesses Without Document Management

    Regardless of industry, the problems associated with poor document management are generally the same.

    We've taken a look at some research done across multiple industries. Are you experiencing either of these problems in your organization?

    Maintaining and Tracking Employment Applications and Onboarding Forms

    From the moment a prospective applicant completes their application, they are now involved in your document workflow and processes. This means that they are contributing to the wealth of information likely stored by and in your organization.

    As applicants are interviewed and accepted, there is always additional paperwork including tax forms, insurance documentation, and many more specific to certain industries. These forms may vary from company to company in exact length or style; however, the forms and paperwork are always there.

    These forms also must often be retained for EOE compliance and other regulations that require documentation and retention of new hires.

    Additionally, this paperwork often becomes the basis for the new hire's user names, internal identification, and other necessary pieces for the employee to begin work ASAP.

    This is a time and space consuming process when done with traditional paper, and it's easy to see how documents could be misplaced when moving from one phase to the next. The security of these documents can also be called into question by any of the organizations requiring the retention since paper documents are often available and accessible to many people in the office.


    It's Not Just Document Management, It's Organization Management

    Working towards organizational improvement, it's also a common flaw that document management is a single aspect considered independently of the overall business processes.

    This must be corrected before an organization can truly adopt the best practices of the industry. While it may seem like it's just "going paperless," there is a lot more going on in a pro-document management office.

    The organization is committed to efficiency – a key area of weakness in many companies who are not using some kind of electronic document management.

    Stretch that efficiency into all areas of the company by implementing it company-wide!

    This is important because by isolating departments and leaving them disjointed, more and more of the company falls backwards into a state of organizational disrepair and undo the progress they have been making on improving the company's processes.

    Stay ahead of the game and ensure your company has strong document management software and practices in place.

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