A Glimpse into the Build-a-Bot Workshop


    High levels of business transactions must occur every single day without error; we know this to be true (especially in the accounting world). The technological development of automation has helped remove the guesswork of these transactions.

    Our recent educational webinar, entitled Explore the Build-a-Bot Workshop,” provided insights into building a Bot to help take your day back from tedious tasks and data entry consistently and effectively.

    Using Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, helps your business save time and money, and who doesn’t love that?

    We’re going to review some key takeaways from the webinar, and give you an opportunity to listen back to the recording and gain some knowledge for yourself and your team!

    Webinar Takeaways

    Enlisting Bots in your workforce empowers your human employees to take on higher level tasks, rather than the mundane day-to-day housekeeping. In the world of accounting, this is specifically referred to as Robotic Accounting Automation, or RAA.

    The Bots we discussed during the webinar are some of our favorites, and are as follows:

    • KeyBot: Enters data
      • KeyBot runs documents through an OCR, or optical character recognition software, and identifies and extracts key information, so you don’t have to spend your time manually entering information.
    • SyncBot: Integrates data
      • Enables your systems to be connected at any level, so there’s seamless communication between the DocuPhase solution and your existing databases.
    • MatchBot: Eliminates discrepancies
      • Aggregates all the necessary documents like PO, receipt, invoice, and any and all required documents for approval. These are featured on a single page, so an approver can view all necessary information before approval. This minimizes human error and the time spent tracking down information.
    • AlertBot: Automates reminders
      • Notifies you when you need to complete a task – no more pestering your team; they’re automatically notified when something needs to be done. Everyone involved can stay up to speed on where things are in a given process, and what’s needed to complete a task. Say goodbye to tracking things down unnecessarily.
    • EmailBot: Robotically monitors inboxes
      • This is an email fetcher that patrols your account and looks for attachments within messages, automatically extracts them, and hands them over to KeyBot. Within accounting, these would be invoices, for example.

    These Bots help us with data entry, routing, approvals, and sending email notifications, which can eat up a lot of time and cause frustrations in the workplace. This can lighten the load and allow employees to focus on activities that bring back higher return, such as clientele.

    A Powerful Virtual Workforce

    Using RAA, you gain a virtual workforce. These Bots can store and share documents, perform automated approvals, and much more. As you’ve discovered from our description, this can save inordinate amounts of time for your organization, and Bots can eliminate time-consuming, low-value tasks.

    It’s time to “get with the times” and make your software and daily processes work FOR you, not against you.

    Our presenter for this webinar, Jeff Newman, is always working to improve our Learning Library and add new tutorials and helpful videos of the DocuPhase platform to have you working at your highest potential. DocuPhase users can get a free voucher to visit training.docuphase.com.
    We hope this was helpful to review a few different Bots and how our platform can improve your business! You can listen to the recording here if you’d like to learn more. Subscribe to our blog to never miss updates to RPA and RAA developments!


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