5 Ways Workflow Automation Doubles Down Efforts with the Same Staff


    Ever wonder why you may not be getting the desired amount of work done in a day? Do you find yourself asking Where did the time go? way too much? If so, you’re probably stuck in an inefficient work cycle. Quit falling into the multitasking hole, and instead make the best use of your time – and get even more done – all with the same staff.

    How can you accomplish this? Why, workflow automation, of course! Albeit a cheesy intro, workload is something tons of us struggle with every day. Anything that can help improve that, while also increasing your staff’s ability to get more done without hiring, can be revolutionary to a business.

    Let’s go into some background on workflow automation, and then we’ll cover how it improves on your time, accuracy, and work:

    Workflow Automation

    In simplified terms, workflow automation is a tool used in a document management solution that enables task routing and automatic notifications for your employees. This works in all industries, including:

    Rather than manually going through each step of a business process such as an invoice approval, for example, workflow automation streamlines the steps and routes the invoice to the correct people on your behalf. It’s one of those lightbulb “Aha!” moments that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it in the first place.

    Some things just make sense in business, and workflow automation can help you make sense of a world of chaos and disorder.

    In terms of how it’s actually accomplished, let’s go into that now:

    #1: Task Routing Eliminates the Mundane

    All the time spent on mundane tasks could be redirected toward higher-level activities that generate revenue for the business. With task routing, you can work with a professional team that will help refine your process and trim the fat on what it takes to get the job done. The rest? Well, leave that to automation - it will assist you through repetitive projects that eat up your staffs’ collective time! The best part? No need to add staff for this; think of it as taking a fatty dish and substituting it with more nutritional, high-performing ingredients.

    #2: The Process Designer = Adaptivity & Agility

    Setting up and making changes to the Process Designer is simple, and transforms the way business is done on an ongoing basis. This workflow automation tool has a drag-and-drop interface, and allows you to draw processes and define the rules for documents stored.

    See it for yourself:

    Example of a progression workflow

    Adapting to processes that are constantly evolving means you’ll stay efficient without needing to add more people to your team. Now that’s agility.

    #3: A Highly Adoptable User Experience

    We’ve all got that one application or project that’s a pain in the @%$ to access. It either loads slowly, has a terrible interface, or is outdated and limits your ability to get things done right. By having a convenient and efficient interface, you can get your team doing things faster and better. Hold the Advil – there’s no longer a need for it due to software malfunctions.

    #4: Assured Compliance with Automated Routing

    With a uniform workflow automation tool, you not only minimize human error, but you also make an entire program that’s easily auditable. You’ll have fewer worries that someone accidentally put something in the wrong folder, or that you won’t able to find an important document. That won’t even be an issue due to automated routing of documents. Who needs staff working overtime, or the addition of seasonal staff for auditing, when you’ve got automation?

    #5: Analytics Facilitate Decision Making

    Having top-level analytics of your operations and efficiency – generated automatically in your portal, of course – helps facilitate important decisions and redact “facts” that aren’t grounded in numbers. With this performance deepdive, you can finally unlock the value of your data without manually generating a slew of reports. Having a customized analytics dashboard helps you answer the overarching “Are we doing well or not?” and gets the conversation starting as to why.

    Get More Done with Automation

    As you can see, many businesses are dealing with tons of information, and they don’t have a way to properly route documents and assign tasks. Workflow automation helps in every aspect of an organization, and it helps you get more done without the strenuous task of hiring more people, and training, and double-checking work.

    Want to learn more about the power of automation? Check out how you can get automation with optical character recognition (OCR) in this video!

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