5 Reasons to Use Robotic Process Automation


    As your business develops and grows, you’ll want to discover ways to improve your processes and increase your efficiency. Why waste time and money on tasks that can be completed automatically?

    This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into play. RPA, a collection of tools relating to workflow automation, is gaining traction across a number of industries, including accounting, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, and utilities. It is helping to break down the barriers between disconnected data systems and silos. At its core, RPA allows professionals to create smarter processes and minimize errors, and it enables employees to focus on clients and high-value activities.

    Bots can be created to take over a number of day-to-day tasks, including:

    • data entry and optical character recognition (OCR)
    • document routing, sharing, and syncing
    • automated approvals
    • email notifications

    Learn more about creating and delegating work to bots through the DocuPhase Build-a-Bot Workshop.

    Still not convinced? Continue reading to discover how process automation can benefit your business by helping you do more.

    Make and save more money

    The 1/10/100 rule, a core Total Quality Management (TQM) business concept, suggests that every $1 spent on prevention will save $10 and $100 on correction and failure costs, respectively. It follows that removing or reducing the risk of human error in data entry and file handling may help you keep more of the profits your business earns.

    Adopting automated processes can help your company go paperless—not only becoming more environmentally friendly but also enabling you to save money on unnecessary paper, ink, and storage needs.

    Increase effectiveness

    Tired of losing documents or dealing with manual entry errors and missing information? Our Document Management and Workflow Automation software can help make many everyday issues a thing of the past. Instead of being mired in the “busy work,” put your time to good use by using bots to handle tasks that serve only as distractions from more important work. Moreover, you can see how processes and tasks are completed in real time.

    Automated processes will increase not only your consistency but your accuracy as well by removing the guesswork from everyday tasks and transactions. It also can help you rest assured that risks have been reduced and greater transparency has been achieved.

    Stress less, and be more productive

    While some people are fearful or critical of the concept of automated processes—anxious that bots will replace people—it is important to understand that these virtual team members are used to assist rather than replace their human counterparts.

    RPA tools can be useful in helping relieve employees of unnecessary stress. By removing some of the tedious and mundane tasks from their plates, you’re freeing up their time so they can focus on more strategic and creative tasks. This can help to increase your ROI by allowing your employees to focus on what’s important rather than being mired with less important items that drain time and energy.

    Increase your competitive advantage

    Workflow automation can help you to remain in line or ahead of the competition by adopting up-to-date technology, employee training, and agile processes. According to an article by Entrepreneur India, “a third of the world’s enterprises are making serious investments in RPA.”

    You can have more control of your work processes. DocuPhase’s Enterprise Automation Platform has a drag-and-drop process designer that gives you the power to define how you want work to be completed.

    Increase satisfaction

    The more consistent your business processes become, the more satisfied your employees and customers will feel. By removing tedious and repetitive tasks from their responsibilities, employees will be able to focus their attention and energy on more important projects and customer service. By reducing or eliminating redundant customer and employee data-related processes, you can help put more attention and focus where it belongs—on helping your customers or completing other important tasks.

    By incorporating automated processes into your operations, you will join a growing market of savvy business professionals. According to a report by Tractica, the revenue for RPA is expected to increase from $151 million in 2016 to more than $5.1 billion by 2025.

    If you are ready to discover how DocuPhase can help automate your processes and enhance your business, schedule a live custom demo today. For additional questions, call us at 727-441-8228.

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